Saeshin Precision has been manufacturing
highly-evaluated medical & dental surgical handpieces
and also specialized in diverse kinds of micro-motor handpieces for laboratory,
jewelry and beauty sectors since 1976.
We promise to give you better lives
along with our own advanced, state-of-art and trustful technologies


Saeshin Precision is one of the leading medical manufacturers
in the sectors of plastic, maxillofacial, neuro & orthopedic
surgical handpieces with its own huge R&D investment
from small-bone to big-bone with different types of many surgical handpieces.
We promise doctors to give better opportunities
to perform their best surgeries at any cases

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Saeshin Precision is the world-class manufacturer
that develops and produces dental implant & endodontics
drilling surgical handpieces along with its outstanding air-driven high speed handpieces.
We give dentists better surgical & clinical performances
with our highly-advanced technologies of mirco handpieces

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Saeshin Precision is leading the sector
of world-class dental-laboratory handpieces
with its own outstanding & unsurpassed technologies.
We give dental technicians better opportunities
of performing their best dental art.

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Saeshin Precision provides various kinds of
professional electronic beauty-drill handpieces for
manicure and pedicure.
We’re very proud of leading the world-class
electronic beauty-drill handpiece markets

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